Sun Sung Lee Engineering Sdn. Bhd. manufactures Yoshimine Boiler Co. Fixed Pin Hole Grate Water Tube Boilers of various capacities with palm waste as the source of fuel. Yoshimine's water circulation system ensures the greatest possible heat absorption that results in higher boiler efficiency and greater overall economy.


Complete combustion in the large combustion chamber and efficient gas circulation provide the best possible thermal efficiency even when the boiler is used continuously for many hours. Yoshimine's design employs a unique steam separator to ensure that the steam produced is exceptionally dry and high in quality.

Yoshimine Boiler
Standard Yoshimine designs incorporate superheaters with Maximum Continuous Operation Rating ranging from 15,000 kg/hr to 40,000 kg/hr. Operating pressure starts from 21 barG. Fuel consumption is based on the oil palm lower level calorific value of 2,700 kcal/kg (moisture content 35%). Boilers of higher capacities may be built to order.
Yoshimine Boiler Spec
Standard equipment includes, but is not limited to, the boiler proper, fuel feeder, fans, blow down system, dust collector, chimney, and control panel. Sun Sung Lee Engineering Sdn. Bhd. is also able to provide parts for refurbishing existing Yoshimine boilers. Standard Layout for H Type Boiler



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