List of Completed Projects for the past 5 Years
No. Client Project Year
01. Muda Paper Mills Sdn Bhd, LNG Piping to existing 2005
Tasik, SPT, Penang. Boiler House
02. Golden Evolution Sdn Bhd, LNG Pipings to existing 2005
Kamunting, Taiping, Perak. Boiler House
03. Natural Analysis Sdn Bhd Prai Power Station Outage Job 2005
04. Fogerdala Malaysia Sdn Bhd, Prai Penang. LPG Header  NPS 8 x 710mm SL 2005
05. Legion Hardware & Machinery c/o 2 Units Diesel Storage Tank 2005
Infineon Power, Kulim, Kedah. 1 Unit Day Tank
06. Gula Padang Terap Sdn Bhd, Yoshimiene Water Tube Boiler 2005
Kedah. Retubing of Vertical Air Heater
07. Fatty Chemical (M) Sdn Bhd, Prai Penang. LNG Piping for Gas Engine 2006
08. Fatty Chemical (M) Sdn Bhd, Prai Penang. LNG Piping & Tank Works 2006
09. Toray Plastics (M) Sdn Bhd, 2 Units Monomer Condenser 2006
Prai, Penang. 2 Units Oil Receiver Tank
10. Rosek (M) Sdn Bhd, Prai. c/o 1 Unit Raw Material Mixing Tank for WPL 2007
Toray Plastics, Prai, Penang. 2 Units Dispersed Liquid Tank for WPL
1 Unit Storage Tank for WPL
Platform for WPL
1 Unit Storage Tank for AHL
2 Units Monomer Condenser
2 Units Oil Receiver Tank
11. M+W Zander (PG) Sdn Bhd, Penang. 4 Units N2 Receiver 3750L 2007
c/o First Solar Malaysia Sdn Bhd. 1224mm OD x 2976mm SL
12. M+W Zander (PG) Sdn Bhd, Penang. 12 Units N2 Receiver 3750L 2008
c/o First Solar Malaysia Sdn Bhd. 1224mm OD x 2976mm SL
13. Kualiti Alam Sdn Bhd, Overhaul / Upgrading of 2008
Seremban, Negeri Sembilan. Waste Heat Boiler
Supply & install 1 Unit Steam Separator
14. Widetech Manufacturing Sdn Bhd, 2 Units SUS304 Underground Tank 2008
Penang. 2750mm OD x 4572mm SL
15. Petrochemical & Power Plant Koniambo Nickel Project 2008
Services Sdn Bhd, Selangor. Fabrication of Gas Duct
16. BoilerCare Sdn Bhd, c/o 1 Unit Economizer 2009
Fatty Chemical (M) Sdn Bhd for Boiler No. F111
17. Widetech Manufacturing Sdn Bhd, 1 Unit SUS304 Underground Tank 2009
Penang. 1500mm OD x 4800mm SL
18. HMI Technology, Penang. M.S. Diesel Tank 2009
19. Widetech Manufacturing Sdn Bhd, Install piping Pump for 2009
Penang. SUS304 Underground Tank
20. Malayan Sugar Manufacturing Natural Gas Supply Pipe 2009
Co Bhd, Prai, Penang for Boiler No. 7
21. Malpom Industries Berhad, Modify 3 Units Vertical Sterilizer 2009
Changkat, Nibong Tebal, Penang. Internal Centre Steam Distribution Pipe
1 Unit Back Pressure Steam Receiver
2418mm OD x 6000mm SL
Retubing of 25 Tons Vickers Hoskins
Water Tube Boiler
22. Creative Technology Engineering, c/o High Pressure Piping from Boiler House to  2010
Homet Raya Sdn Bhd, Sibu Sarawak Turbine Room (P11 Chrome-Moly Pipe Materials)
23. Bumi Wangsa Sdn Bhd, c/o 5 Units 76 Liter Tank Dia 300 c/w 2010
Murphy Sarawak Oil Company Ltd ASME 'U' Stamp & DOSH Approval