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Our partners have worked with us to deliver ever more innovative, effective and successful projects and programmes and their support has been vital in achieving our Mission and Vision.

Yoshimine Boiler Co. Ltd.

Yoshimine Boiler – no other boiler evokes a more memorable name in Malaysia. Since the first Yoshimine boiler installation in this country in 1964 up until the early part of 1990s, Yoshimine has been at the forefront of the local boiler business. The company was founded in 1937 with headquarters in Osaka, Japan and Yoshimine Engineering has grown to be the premier water tube boilermaker in Japan. As an innovator of various technologies for this type of boiler, Yoshimine has been very successful having installed over 3,200 units, many of them overseas. There are more than a hundred Yoshimine boilers in Malaysia and Singapore. However, rising costs and the strengthening of the Yen has made it see lean times in Malaysia. Nevertheless, it has continued to have a strong presence elsewhere, especially in Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines.

Sun Sung Lee Engineering is honoured to be associated with the esteemed name of the Yoshimine Water Tube Boiler for the palm oil Industries. Through this partnership, we look forward to gaining the market share Yoshimine has enjoyed in the past. For existing owners, we are ready to offer replacement parts and services to ensure that existing Yoshimine boilers continue to operate reliably. With the backing of Yoshimine Engineering, we are also able to offer users boiler upgrades to extend the useful life of existing installations.

Scotts Engineering Co. Ltd.

Scotts Engineering has a long and rich history dating back to 1870 as a premier engineering company responsible for the largest number of steam boilers manufactured in New Zealand. With more than 1,600 boilers made, Scotts boilers have earned a strong reputation for performance and reliability. This is illustrated by the fact that the first Scotts Engineering boiler manufactured in 1965 is still functioning today. Nathan Scott, grandson of one of the founders, founded the company in its present form in 1947. Mr. Scott passed away in the mid 1970s and shortly thereafter, Mr. David Gibson and Mr. Winston Senior organized a management buyout. Under the stewardship of these two men, the company has broadened its direction to include LPG storage vessels and an export business to Fiji, China, Australia, South Asia and South East Asia. Sun Sung Lee Engineering. is pleased to be given the opportunity to further enhance the reputation of the legendary Scotts Boiler.