Boiler Manufacturing
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Boiler Manufacturing

Water Tube Boiler

Sun Sung Lee Engineering Sdn. Bhd. manufactures Yoshimine Boiler Co. Fixed Pin Hole Grate Water Tube Boilers of various capacities with palm waste as the source of…..

Fire Tube Boiler

Our Fire Tube Boiler comes in Wet Back and dry back design. It can be design to be supplied as package unit with Burner, BFW Pump and ancillary equipment as a complete unit……


The new generation medium range of Biomass fuels fired boilers are the Combi-Boiler. A combination boiler made up of a water wall pre-furnace and a conventional three…..


Economizer or Flue Gas Heat Recovery unit is a Heat Exchanger unit installed at the exit flue of boiler before going into Chimney. It is designed to recover heat that would be discharge to chimney and wasted. Economizers can be installed together with a New Boiler or design to fit into existing boiler…