About Us
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About Us


YOUR ENGINEERING PARTNER. This has been the Company motto guiding our principles, goals and ideals ever since Sun Sung Lee Engineering Sdn Bhd was incorporated in 1980. The very same motto also guided our forebear Sung Lee Foundry established shortly after the Second World War.


Our predecessor, Sung Lee Foundry, began business in the latter half of the1940s, a time during which Malaya’s economy was centered on rubber and tin mining. As a foundry and machine shop, Sung Lee Foundry was an active participant in these industries; however, during those days, articles requiring higher manufacturing skills were imported. In spite of this, Sung Lee Foundry was already in the process of manufacturing Pressure Vessels.

During Malaysia’s industrialization phase, Sung Lee Foundry’s successor, Sun Sung Lee Engineering Sdn. Bhd. (‘New’ Sung Lee) was established. Much of the company’s business was focused on site project work. Nevertheless, the core products remained pressure vessels and plant equipment for cement plants and oleo chemical plants. The company also built many latex glove lines on a turnkey basis. The wide exposure in these businesses brought great wealth of experience in working with all kinds of materials. Today we have welding procedures for materials ranging from carbon steel to Monel.

Major events for the company include the appointment by Scotts Boiler as the Malaysian manufacturer and sole agent for their package fire-tube boilers. As well, more recently, the company was also appointed as the Malaysian manufacturer and sole agent of Yoshimine Boilers of Japan for their P.O.M. water-tube boilers. This is a new business for the company and we look forward to the new millennium as a producer and service provider of value added products and services that will increase the standing of our customers and business partners.

A picture paints a thousand words and the one presented right bears a date of 1954. At that time there was only an Inspector of Machinery and that person represented the Department of Machinery.

The Present and Future

We believe our company motto, “Your Engineering Partner” will lead us into active participation in the process of achieving this goal. Our objective is to manufacture process equipment and provide engineering services to the industry that will raise the standard of engineering in Malaysia and gain the confidence of our clients.

To achieve this objective, our products and services shall adhere to the latest international codes and standards, by-laws, and requirements meeting our country’s OSH Act. By being YOUR ENGINEERING PARTNER, Sun Sung Lee Engineering Sdn. Bhd. hopes to contribute towards the building of both society and the nation in a safe and healthy environment.

In April 2005, Sun Sung Lee Engineering Sdn. Bhd. was issued the ASME Certificates of Authorization for ‘S’, ‘U’ and ‘PP’ stamps. In May of 2005, the company was also authorized to apply the “NB” mark and register boilers, pressure vessels, or other pressure retaining items with the National Board of USA. Both these events demonstrate the company’s commitment to quality in the products that we manufacture. The pursuit for excellence is an ongoing effort to elevate the company to a higher standing where manufacturing quality products is priority.