How do I purchase and operate a pressure vessel in Malaysia?
In Malaysia, under the Factories and Machinery Act (1967), it is a requirement that pressure vessels must be manufactured by an approved workshop. Before a pressure vessel may be used, it must be registered with the state Department of Occupational Safety and Health. 

Can I import a custom made heat exchanger or pressure vessel for use in Malaysia?
Yes you can. Apart from customs duties, its design must also be submitted to the Department of Occupational Safety and Health, and an approved Third Party Inspection Report must accompany the Manufacturers Data Report. A hydrostatic test must be conducted in the presence of an inspector of the Department (JKKP) and, as before, the vessel must be registered for use.

How do I purchase and operate a boiler in Malaysia?
The requirement is the same as that required for pressure vessels, except that the boiler must be manufactured by an approved boiler-making workshop. In addition to this, the owner is required to keep a boiler register, which shall record the dates when the boiler is brought into and out of commission, cleaned, tested, or repaired with details of any alterations. Chimney or smoke stack design shall require the approval of the Department of Environment.

Who is the authority for the use of Pressure Vessel and Boiler?
The authority lies with the “Chief Inspector” and “Inspector” as officers appointed under section 4(1) of the Factories and Machinery Act (1967).

What is the power of the Chief Inspector?
The Chief Inspector may act directly or through his Deputy Chief Inspectors, Senior Inspectors, or Inspectors to do any or all of the following:
  1. to enter, inspect, and examine, by day or by night, any factory, and every part thereof when he has reasonable cause to believe that any work or process is being carried on therein, and to enter, inspect, and examine by day, any place which he has reasonable cause to believe to be a factory and any part of any building of which a factory forms part of and in which he has reasonable cause to believe that explosive or highly inflammable materials are stored or used and to exercise such powers as may be necessary to inspect and examine any machinery, plant, appliance, or fitting therein;
  2. to require the production of factory records, certificates, notices, and documents kept in pursuance of this Act and to inspect, examine, and copy any of them;
  3. to make such examination and enquiry as may be necessary to ascertain whether the provisions of this act are complied with, so far as regards a factory or any persons employed therein;
  4. to require any person whom he finds in a factory to give such information as it is in his power to give as to who is the owner of the factory;
  5. in the case of an Inspector who is a registered medical practitioner, to carry out such medical examination as may be necessary for the purpose of his duties under this Act;
  6. to take samples of any material, whether solid, liquid, gaseous, or vaporous, being discharged in or from a factory; and
  7. to render inoperative, in accordance with this Act, any machinery which does not comply with this Act, by affixing a seal or by any other means which he may deem best suited for the purpose.
On being required by an Inspector, the occupier of every factory shall furnish the means necessary for entry, inspection, examination, inquiry, the taking of samples, or otherwise for the exercise of his powers under this Act in relation to that factory.

When is a boiler or pressure vessel considered illegal?
There are several situations where a boiler or pressure vessel may be deemed illegal equipment. The Factories and Machinery Act (1967) describes those conditions.

The Information presented here is to enlighten users of the laws regulating the use of equipment that falls under the jurisdiction of the Department of Occupational Safety and Health - DOSH (Jabatan Keselamatan and Kesihatan Pekerjaan, JKKP). It is by no means exhaustive nor comprehensive. For further details please visit the official JKKP website at the following link: http://www.dosh.gov.my